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Car Maintenance

Cost Of Shocks And Struts

When To Replace Struts - Monroe Shocks And Struts The vehicle shocks and struts are two different parts but work together to ensure a stable ride. If you feel the car handles poorly and you can feel the impact

The cost to replace struts will vary on their condition and vehicle. This page will help you understand how much it will cost to replacement your struts.

The average cost to replace shocks and struts varies depending on a lot of factors but typically range between less than $150 and $400 for the low-end vehicles and …

I have the full parts list from Toyota and I have obtained most of the items except for shocks and coil springs … new rear bumper bar, new boot struts and rubbers . The total cost of this was over …

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What is a front strut or shock absorber? While they serve similar purposes in your suspension system, struts and shocks are actually different parts.

According to Scott McIntyre, VP of Automotive Services with caa saskatchewan: “hitting potholes can accelerate the lifespan of your vehicle’s suspension parts including shocks and struts … not at …

Most shocks or struts last anywhere from 50,000 to 100,000 miles. So what’s the average cost to replace struts and shocks on your car when they go bad?

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